About Adgar Poland




Adgar Poland is an experienced investor, developer, owner, and manager of commercial property, primarily office buildings.
It is an innovative company which creates user-friendly office concepts supporting business development and integration of professional and private life. The company has been active on the Polish market since 1999 and its activity focuses on the largest office market in Poland, that is, on Warsaw.

The company portfolio comprises high-quality office property in excellent locations. Adgar Poland is owner and manager of office centres with the total rental area of almost 120,000 sq m. They are located within three Warsaw business districts: Mokotów – Adgar Plaza, Adgar Plaza One, Adgar Bit and Adgar Wave, Ochota – Adgar Park West, and Wola – Adgar PDT Wola, BMW Inchcape Motor Polska.
The aim of Adgar Poland is to continue our growth in this region. As an active owner, Adgar has the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills for purchasing, operating as owner, managing, developing and redeveloping commercial property. The company is very proactive in its endeavours to expand the portfolio of its assets in Poland. Adgar Investments & Development Ltd., seated in Israel, is the parent company of Adgar Poland.

Brain Embassy

Brain Embassy (BE) is our original idea of co-creating, invented, and introduced by Adgar Poland.
The Brain Embassy co-working space was a response to the needs of freelancers and small companies which previously could only rely on public spaces, home offices or large offices not adjusted to their needs. Adgar Poland created a place in which everyone can work as they please. However, soon it turned out that corporations also want to take advantage of the working style represented by Brain Embassy. Yet, they were not always able to accommodate their teams in BE offices as they sometimes needed more privacy without resigning from the benefits of having access to the freshly minted and buzzing co-creating space. Adgar promptly responded to the need with its hybrid formula called Be Yourself.
All this within the office centres managed by Adgar Poland and without the need to relocate the company seat to a totally new location.
Established in 2009, Adgar Conference Group, that is, conference and training centres under the Adgar brand, transformed throughout these years and currently operate as Be Inspired – the venue of extraordinary conferences, creative workshops, effective trainings and unforgettable events.

About Adgar Investments & Development Ltd.

Adgar Investments & Development Ltd. is a public company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company invests – directly and through subsidiaries – in profitable assets, mainly in the office property sector. Except acquiring property, the company develops the assets possessed, increasing the value thereof by purchasing additional lands and using their own land bank. The company operates in Israel, Canada, Poland, and Belgium.



We place importance on sustainable development as it has influence on the environment and the community in which we operate.

Most of the buildings in the Adgar portfolio have been acquired from external entities, modernised, and adjusted to modern standards and productivity requirements. In our buildings we also introduced a number of sustainable solutions to minimise their impact on the environment. All Adgar buildings have LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification. The day-to-day operation of our buildings has influence on the environment. We make our best efforts so that our buildings are as efficient as possible, which for our tenants means minimised costs and impact on the environment.
We also transfer funds to healthcare organisations in the countries were we operate, actively promoting healthy lifestyle to boot.


Adgar proudly supports charitable organisations in different areas, most of all those promoting sports and charity and realised in the property sector.

Our company is actively involved in activities of associations for physical activity, organising running workouts for its communities. Adgar encourages all its employees and tenants to actively participate in the life of its communities by organising events and voluntary work together, as well as sharing knowledge and skills.